Refactor Camp 2015 was held on the weekend of March 7-8 at the nex-gen manufacturing facility of Plethora in San Francisco, CA. The theme this year is "Narrative."

Veteran returning attendee Joseph Kelly is organizing this year's event. The event will run all day Saturday the 7th (8:30 AM - 5:30 PM) and part-day Sunday the 8th (8:30 AM - 2:30 PM). As in past years, we'll be interleaving talks, sessions and walkabout activities for maximum alertness. This year, a special feature will be a Comic Book Share/Swap Table; bring your favorites and introduce other attendees to them.

Saturday, March 7

  • 8:30 AM: Doors open, light breakfast and coffee

  • 9:00 AM to Lunch

    1. From Stories to Narrative: The Missed Opportunity (John Hagel)

    2. Structural Assumptions in the Political Process (Craig Montuori)

    3. On Kafkaesque Horror: Value, Goal and Procedure in Grand Historical and Petty Bureaucratic Narratives (Anthony Di Franco)

    4. NVC Walks Into a Bar (Rose Broome)

    5. Breakout Session: Narratives in Prediction (Britt Crawford)

    6. Serendipity and Zemblanity in Guardian and Trader Narratives (Venkatesh Rao)

  • Lunch

  • Post-Lunch to 5:30

    1. Comic strip creation exercise (facilitated by Venkatesh Rao)

    2. Tour and Demonstration at Plethora (Led by Nick Pinkston)

    3. Generation Book: How Stewart Brand Tells Stories for the Future (Sam Penrose, Michael Costigan, Mike Travers, and Zhan Li)

Sunday, March 8

  • 8:30 AM: Doors open, light breakfast and coffee

  • 9:00 AM to Lunch

    1. Play as a Cognitive Primitive (Mike Travers)

    2. F**k Your Narrative (by Nick Pinkston)

    3. Project Management Tools and Narrative, AKA a Slightly-Evil Guide to PM Software (by Brandon Hudgeons)

    4. Narratives in Games (Randy Lubin)

    5. Learning, Play and Knowledge Acquisition(Jordan Peacock)

    6. Be Slightly Evil cardgame tournament (faciliated by Jordan Peacock)

  • Lunch

  • Post-Lunch to 3:00

    1. Walking Tour of Dogpatch and surrounding Piers (Led by Nick Pinkston)

    2. Conference Wrap Retrospective (Harry Potash)

Sponsoring Attendees

·  Plethora

·  Kartik Agaram

·  Samuel Chua

·  Jennifer Crow

·  Anon


  • Organization: Joe Kelly

  • Venue: Nick Pinkston and the Plethora team

  • Website: Venkatesh Rao

2015: Narrative

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